Violent Robbery Goes Down in Chinatown

Submitted on 09/18/2023 by: Wicked
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Security cameras captured video of a shocking robbery in Chinatown where the thief pushed and punched an elderly shopkeeper.

The robbery happened on Thursday at Angies Boutique on the 800 block of North Broadway around noontime.

The shop owner, identified only as John, said the man, who was captured on surveillance camera, had visited a day earlier to shop and case the store.

As the suspect entered the store on Thursday, he began quickly taking items from behind store counters as an older woman tried to stop him.

As she tries to physically stop him, he shoves her to the ground. She gets up and tries once again to stop him, but this time, he punches her in the face. As she falls to the ground, she begins bleeding profusely.

Angies Boutique in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. (KTLA)Read More »

“One of our elderly workers was opening the shop and as he came in, she tried to stop him and he punched her in the face and now she’s in the hospital,” John said. “Her eyes are swollen shut and we don’t know if she’ll be able to see so we’re just praying for her quick recovery.”

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