Ruthless Murder At The Gas Station

Submitted on 09/15/2023 by: thiagoeler
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A man killed another man earlier today, 15th, at a gas station in Trindade. Whoever was at the scene recorded the argument and fight with stones and even a broom. The man in the burgundy shirt is Flávio Santana Pontes, 22 years old. The other, with a white beard, is Randolfo Ramos, 46 years old. Witnesses said that the reason for the fight was because Flávio called Randolfo "old man", and he got angry and told the boy that he was going to show what the old man was capable of, and used a stone and even a serrated knife for the crime. . When the PM was called, the agents identified that everyone had been approached a few hours ago, in the early hours of the morning, and that was the reason they were able to arrest the perpetrator so quickly, still close to where the crime took place. The PM confirmed the arrest and said that they were all homeless people.

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