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on 07/04/2013 16:24
Im shocked a Mexican wasnt doing the landscaping.
rated: 3
on 07/04/2013 16:11
Dont fuck with Queen Latifa!
rated: 1
on 07/04/2013 14:50
The Mom's head was doing some real damage on the back pack! Damn, reversed that spear from the mom into a sweet DDT by the young chick for the K.O., Jake the Snake would be proud!
rated: 5
on 07/04/2013 14:44
Damn, cant take a stroll on the Egyptian Strip safely anymore. When the crowd gathers at the end, thats the best time to open fire. This is why I stick to the Luxor in Las Vegas!
rated: 9
on 07/04/2013 14:37
The RV in front isnt going to let that car ruin his vacation, he got out of the way quick! I think this car came Back from the Future at the wrong place and the wrong time.
rated: 5
on 07/04/2013 14:27
Atleast these people dont discriminate, looks like thieves and child rapists get the same treatment. Im waiting to see some hard ass, pipe hitting mother fuckers pick these criminals up, each holding on to a limb, toss them in the air as high as they can and let them slam on the floor, then do it over again. More painful and funner to watch!
rated: 5
on 07/04/2013 14:06
Not the driver's fault. If you run in front of a fast moving vehicle, its going to hit you. I hope the driver reversed and ran over the idiot father.
rated: 7
on 07/04/2013 14:02
They should bashed them with their bibles! Where is Joe Young AKA Orgazmo when you need him?
rated: 5
on 07/04/2013 13:48
I call an insurance scam! The chick paid these guys to shoot up her man so she can cash in on his life insurance! Case closed.
rated: 3
on 07/04/2013 13:43
Shit, shouldve given them bats to hit each other with. The back slaps are going to hurt more than the face slap, the taller dude was already turning away before getting hit. Pussy.
rated: 6
on 07/04/2013 13:38
We want beer too!
rated: 4
on 07/02/2013 15:52
Thats why I carry a gun in the glove compartment, so I can shoot anyone who fails to save me before I die! At the beginning, he sounded like they were having a party in there.
rated: 6
on 07/02/2013 15:38
What shocks me about the video is how can those people walk around bare foot in that field?
rated: 5
on 07/02/2013 15:33
Makes you wonder what kind of fucking douche bag the owner was to his dog to want to do this kind of damage to him. Atleast this dog got his revenge before he died unlike that dog who got shot by the cops yesterday who never got the chance. Dog, I salute you!
rated: 4
on 07/02/2013 15:29
I hate when bitches like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and etc say theyve been bullied and shit, this is being bullied right here, not someone saying "Your song sucks".
rated: 3
on 07/02/2013 14:55
She shouldve blocked and given her an Upper Cunt! Damn, it is sad to see when chicks fight better than guys and keep it 1 on 1.
rated: 6
on 07/02/2013 14:52
Were their parents charged for the damage caused?
rated: 5
on 07/02/2013 14:48
To me, it looks like Being Drunk >>>> Seat Belts or Helmets.
rated: 3
on 07/02/2013 13:57
Pic 4, I scratch my ass a lot too! Pic 10, might need something stronger than tough acting Tenactin.
rated: 6
on 07/02/2013 13:54
Hitchiking isnt what it used to be. Cool, I hope they keep protesting so we get more sweet videos like this one!
rated: 4
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