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on 05/30/2014 22:59
His NOW Ex looked cute, is she single cuz as Mr Stabby the Clown has said, Im a contender for the Supreme Gentleman title. I forgot to add, I give him a 9.2 for that sweet dive into the lake!
rated: 9
on 05/30/2014 21:39
In this country, this is the punishment when you wet your bed. Kids are going crazy with these piercings these days. All I can say, I think Im pretty tough but in this situation Id be whining like a little bitch, this kids is a tough little fucker.
rated: 6
on 05/30/2014 21:32
Deleted scenes from Russia's version of Stand By Me? They were probably too drunk to react. Im guessing this is not the type of train these 4 boys were planning on.
rated: 5
on 05/30/2014 21:26
She mustve given some great BJs in order to go to this extreme. Good for you dude, she will remember this and feel like shit for the rest of her life! Unless she is morbid like us Kaotic Members, then itll give her a cool story to tell at parties.
rated: 10
on 05/30/2014 21:22
That was an amazing trick, he disappeared like magic! Encore! I bet that whole place just smells of arm pit and curry.
rated: 6
on 05/30/2014 21:15
This is how a stripper crashes. These freaking European light posts are indestructable.
rated: 4
on 05/30/2014 19:54
Yeah, Im sure their kids will turn out fine with events like this happening in their home. I could be wrong but I think I heard someone yell World Star! Im just glad no pretty chicks were involved or injured in this video.
rated: 10
on 05/30/2014 19:49
Beer runs look dangerous in this country.
rated: 5
on 05/30/2014 19:44
Show off, couldnt just hit a pedestrain straight on. Had to show off and drift into one and payed the price.
rated: 3
on 05/30/2014 19:41
So, who won? Im guessing since he was out cold, he was counted out for being out of the ring. There goes his Undefeated streak!
rated: 6
on 05/30/2014 19:36
For the good guys that died in that, RIP. For the bad guys that died in that blast, Good Riddance you smelly animals.
rated: 10
on 05/29/2014 20:27
He gave the driver a tip . . . . tip of his knife! Keep the change.
rated: 9
on 05/29/2014 20:22
Must be his first day of riding a bike. I actually wanted to see the van come back and finish the job.
rated: 6
on 05/29/2014 20:16
Faggots. Wheres a bomb explosion when you need one? Kaotic > WorldStar
rated: 11
on 05/29/2014 20:10
Gooooooooooooollllllllllllld! That was genius of the dude leaving with the chain, you cant pick him out of a line up. All these smelly fuckers look the same.
rated: 6
on 05/29/2014 20:04
This would only be believable if it was Bruce Willis cuz he's Unbreakable! Why the fuck was he wearing a protective cup?
rated: 8
on 05/29/2014 20:00
So does this keep the chicks in the basement fresher, Asking for a friend. My legs were cramping up just looking at this.
rated: 11
on 05/29/2014 19:46
Sick balls, Chopper! Sick balls!
rated: 4
on 05/29/2014 19:42
That guy must be a self proclaimed "Tough Guy" cuz he looked like a pussy from beginning to end of the video. Skinny dude was lucky he was wearing his steel toe sandals that night.
rated: 9
on 05/29/2014 19:38
Id want to go out with a bang too! Sweet, what movie is this from?
rated: 6
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