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on 12/13/2014 00:43
Great, now we get to pay this bitch millions, because she couldn't mind her own fucking business. Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the lawsuits...
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on 12/13/2014 00:36
Why wouldn't you drive drunk at work? They drive drunk everywhere else, so it's only right to be shitfaced on the job. Vodka won't drink itself people.
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on 12/13/2014 00:33
He'll still call her, her face was about the same as what's in that bag.
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on 12/13/2014 00:29
can you imagine the fucking mess of paper and shit on the ground after that? It's probably very similar to a bathroom at the Kardashian household during that time of the month.
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on 12/13/2014 00:16
#4 is Charles Darwin, but this was still a spirit lifter. Thanks for the effort Sarah!
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on 12/01/2014 03:58
zerogdog said:
You can clearly see the triangle on the front of the truck, that denotes this vehicle belonged to either the Illuminati , Christian trinity or Freemasons

and people call me a clown...
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on 11/29/2014 20:29
shutzupman said:
who the fuck is stabby the clown?
Says the second most banned shit-heel on this site. Don't you have some neighbor to report to the association for burning leaves or putting up a flag, or some other hall monitor type of shit to do you ass goblin?!?
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on 11/29/2014 04:21
Yes, it's quite true. I didn't upload this one though, my boy Headless being the pimp that he is scooped this video up off of my FB page. I put it there to let those who were kind enough to support me there know that they should be expecting new Clown Downs here. This is the ONLY place I would EVER make Clown Downs for! There NEVER has been, and there NEVER will be a site as good as Kaotic, and the members here are a LARGE part of why. So again YES, videos are coming, starring YOU the members and the FANTASTIC uploads that you help Stiff provide to the World. LONG LIVE KAOTIC.COM!
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on 11/28/2014 02:25
I'm still waiting to see someone wearing a pair of these in one of these lynching videos.

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on 11/28/2014 01:52
Now that's what I come here for!

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on 11/27/2014 21:29
Well, that about sums up my feelings as well. It is odd that Santa has such a foul mouth though. I guess being a 700 year old elf will push the crotchety up a notch or two though.
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on 11/27/2014 17:01

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on 11/27/2014 16:23
Little do they know that he pays some hooker every Friday for the same treatment.
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on 11/27/2014 16:00

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