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on 01/31/2015 14:26
Armageddon said:
Leadfoot570 said:
JustinUranus said:
Elephantitus of the genitals, John Merrick would be proud.
The word is "Elephantiasis" not "...titus". And who are the 7 freaks that voted this video up??
Hey mate, here's a suggestion. Shut the fuck up you twat ok just pull your fucking head in or get lunched and fucked off. Justinuranus is a fucking long time Kaotic and uploader or commentator, we don't need fucking nannies going full retard with the fucking grammar Nazi approach.
Here fucking here, I don't give a flying swollen dick tip how it's spelled, that shit was funny!
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on 01/31/2015 01:55

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on 01/24/2015 21:46
This is a win win video really. Win #1 is Muslims killing Muslims. Win #2 is that these barehanded asswipers are painting themselves into a World V.S. ISIS corner that eventually they won't be able to escape. So keep kidnapping and beheading folks from every nation, killing press from neutral nations and killing innocent people. That way even those liberal hippies from every commune on Earth are screaming to have you all dead.
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on 01/24/2015 21:33
So there will be a bunch of douchebags protesting his shooting, burning and looting the fuck out of everything for this blatant shooting of an unarmed person?!? Oh that's right he's white so zero fucks will be given. Better luck next time folks it's only protestable if the shooter is white and the victim is an ethnic criminal piece of shit...
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on 01/11/2015 22:58
I am truly honored my friend. Having been gone a bit it's a good feeling to come back to my Kaotic family of sickos and gore lovers and most of all hilarious commenters. You're a bunch of nuts and I'm as happy as a priest in a daycare to be back amongst you all. Solo it's still the BEST hand drawn image of me I have ever seen. PopeChrisThe1st I think we ALL want to see these crudely drawn cocks you speak of.
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on 01/10/2015 21:06
Lets be honest here, this obese cocksucker wasn't lacking in funds. His fatass has to have been fed at least $50.00 worth of food a day to get that fucking heavy. So he wants to steal and resist arrest because mommy and daddy have been giving that fat spoiled piece of shit whatever he wanted since he was a tubby little baby. So, he wanted to steal and didn't want to be stopped because damn it, I always get what I want, ask my mommy! As for their bullshit lawsuit for 8 million, when assessing what a human's life is worth for a lawsuit they should take into affect what value that individual has on society. By using that method this tubby bitch was worth about 4 bucks. Fuck him and his diabetes!
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on 01/10/2015 20:45

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on 01/10/2015 20:10
What a fucking shame... That more of them didn't die.
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on 01/10/2015 20:08
If she'd have died it would've been from natural causes. Because if she was younger she would have been faster or more attentive. She has naturally lost those abilities, so anything that kills her in the future will be natural causes. P.S. fuck her old ass!
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on 01/10/2015 20:05
Violence on public transport? Say it isn't so. How could anyone assault anyone else crammed in like sardines on a pissed soaked rolling shithole for $4.50 just to get home? Why don't they just take a limousine home like civilized people?
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on 01/10/2015 20:01
Stiff said:
How can anyone just keep going after doing something like this?
Well first you have to be an oblivious prick, that's the easy part. Then all you have to do is keep your foot pressed gently on the pedal located on the right and boom, you're home free!
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on 01/10/2015 19:56
Paranoia plus Bipolar Disorder times Moronic Intelligence = 1 Dead Asshole. Yup, it all adds up to me.
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on 01/10/2015 19:40

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on 01/10/2015 19:35
"Mio Dios" x100. Dude, look around you, do you really still believe there's a god? And if you do still believe there is one, do you really think he gives a half a flying fuck about you or anyone else on that can full of goo you call a bus?!?
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on 01/10/2015 19:27
That was cute and hilarious. Unfortunately both children look alike, just like a mashup of some seriously ugly parents.
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on 01/10/2015 19:24
The only thing this individual is useful for is fertilizer. He should just hurry up and kill himself, flowers could use the food.
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on 01/10/2015 19:19
Charredtorso said:
Deport every frigging one back to the shithole from whence they came.
Normally I would have some quip belittling the scum that is the terrorist extremist. But I feel your comment said everything I was thinking so exactly that I wrote this paragraph just to salute you and your fantastic comment!
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on 01/04/2015 03:17
All criminal accident, so the only people hurt here are the owners of both stolen cars.
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on 01/04/2015 03:14
Knarly said:
The look on his face is worse. Brother and sister ???
It is Ohio State so most likely it's incest, very observant of you.
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on 01/04/2015 03:12
Let's not all rush in there at once and try to help or anything. Best to just wonder around giving zero fucks, as usual.
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on 01/04/2015 03:08
I like the part where they make sure he's dead and then throw him in the snow like a sack of shit.
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on 01/04/2015 03:05
Meanwhile on the train...

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on 01/04/2015 02:51
Ahhh, that thud was like music to my ears.
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on 01/01/2015 01:10
The only opinion I have on this issue is, if you have a problem, fight it out like men and whoever wins gets to call the other whatever the fuck they want to.
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on 01/01/2015 00:54

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on 01/01/2015 00:52

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on 12/29/2014 02:22
Drugged or not that fucker's tougher than a bag of frozen dog shit!
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on 12/29/2014 02:04
STFU and get on with it you dress wearing, neck beard, pedophile motherfucker.
rated: 8
on 12/29/2014 02:01
That's what you get for driving in the passing lane like a stupid fucking asshole, that lane's for passing ONLY you crippled fuckhead!
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on 12/13/2014 00:43
Great, now we get to pay this bitch millions, because she couldn't mind her own fucking business. Welcome to the land of the free and the home of the lawsuits...
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on 12/13/2014 00:36
Why wouldn't you drive drunk at work? They drive drunk everywhere else, so it's only right to be shitfaced on the job. Vodka won't drink itself people.
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on 12/13/2014 00:33
He'll still call her, her face was about the same as what's in that bag.
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on 12/13/2014 00:29
can you imagine the fucking mess of paper and shit on the ground after that? It's probably very similar to a bathroom at the Kardashian household during that time of the month.
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on 12/13/2014 00:16
#4 is Charles Darwin, but this was still a spirit lifter. Thanks for the effort Sarah!
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on 12/01/2014 03:58
zerogdog said:
You can clearly see the triangle on the front of the truck, that denotes this vehicle belonged to either the Illuminati , Christian trinity or Freemasons

and people call me a clown...
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on 11/29/2014 20:29
shutzupman said:
who the fuck is stabby the clown?
Says the second most banned shit-heel on this site. Don't you have some neighbor to report to the association for burning leaves or putting up a flag, or some other hall monitor type of shit to do you ass goblin?!?
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on 11/29/2014 04:21
Yes, it's quite true. I didn't upload this one though, my boy Headless being the pimp that he is scooped this video up off of my FB page. I put it there to let those who were kind enough to support me there know that they should be expecting new Clown Downs here. This is the ONLY place I would EVER make Clown Downs for! There NEVER has been, and there NEVER will be a site as good as Kaotic, and the members here are a LARGE part of why. So again YES, videos are coming, starring YOU the members and the FANTASTIC uploads that you help Stiff provide to the World. LONG LIVE KAOTIC.COM!
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on 11/28/2014 02:25
I'm still waiting to see someone wearing a pair of these in one of these lynching videos.

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on 11/28/2014 01:52
Now that's what I come here for!

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on 11/27/2014 21:29
Well, that about sums up my feelings as well. It is odd that Santa has such a foul mouth though. I guess being a 700 year old elf will push the crotchety up a notch or two though.
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on 11/27/2014 17:01

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on 11/27/2014 16:23
Little do they know that he pays some hooker every Friday for the same treatment.
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on 11/27/2014 16:00

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