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"Peace through Empathy"

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04/22/2019 02:40

Hi, my name is Lori How I caress myself, look here


03/25/2019 15:31

I forgot to add.
That your concern did prick me to remove my comment.
If I was a dedicated hater, then that would not have taken place.
And since I removed my comment, then your comment was removed also.
To preserve your words of shitsdom, I posted them in the three other comments that are below of my massive rant.


03/25/2019 15:09

HAAHAHAH... Give myself a stroke, don't you mean a HEART ATTACK, a stroke is when free cells in your blood clog up a vein, artery or capillary etc.
My blood is spotless, I keep it nice and thin in this super hot climate of 45C every fucking day, I also consume aspirin to keep the animals in my blood on the move. You probably don't realise that I was born and live in a place on this planet where you can't be outside of insect screening between 6PM and 8AM without being eaten by insects, every fucking day. I can't sit on my verandah and have a beer, unless of course I first spray myself in poison.
Hating is my release. I don't hate anyone face to face, that never works, people have a tendency to be liked in reality.
In fact I do hate people who don't trust in reality and are frightened so damn much that they all have to have some fucked up mental illness "Believing in god/gods" and all that bullshit, I hate these people for preventing our known and true science from being used and explored, and for keeping us in the stone age.

I have been the perfect person, done that and got the abuse to prove it.
I shall continue to purge my hate harmlessly at those who deserve it from their history of greed and cruelty to others.

Right now if you gave me a licence to kill legally, and an unlimited quantity and means to kill, then yes I would kill.
But my killing wouldn't be based on religion, race, colour or nationality, my killing would be based on whether or not you enjoy sharing the very little you have with others.

Jesus Christ's name may very well be used to promote religion, but at the end of the day the Words are what matters, the words written by humans thousands of years ago who also were living in the same social disorder that we have to this day.
Those words will save us all, but while idiots preach ideology and continue to forget to preach the true teachings of Jesus Christ, then Jesus died in vain if he was true to his word.
I'm not stating religious belief, I'm talking about simple "SHARING" "CARING" "FREEDOM OF THOUGHT". You attempted to down my thoughts with your own, so typically righteous of a fake person.
Being at this site is itself a statement of your belief, how dare you contradict your statement by telling others not to be here writing what they believe?

Hate is a word, what it really means is "I despise your behaviour to the point that I would do anything to stop it".

I despise the behaviour of humans in the 21st Century.
It was one thing to be a backward human and behave in a backward manner a hundred years ago, but our new World order has taken away our backward thinking, and now the World drowns in misery by the hand of the intelligent greedy people.

This transition in our existence from ignorance to arrogance has been a slow and painful event.
I don't believe it will end in my lifetime, which also means I will never exist in peace or harmony in my lifetime.
Only a fool believes they will, and I am no fool.

I shall continue to hate and despise the selfish and greedy people of Earth, your Words defend the cruel and corrupt.
In my logic it is you yourself that needs to face reality.


03/25/2019 14:32

Seriously, man... Chill... You hate so much that even haters bow down to your almighty hate boner you have for literally everything and everyone on the planet. You're going to give yourself a stroke.


03/25/2019 14:32

Seriously, man... Chill... You hate so much that even haters bow down to your almighty hate boner you have for literally everything and everyone on the planet. You're going to give yourself a stroke.


03/25/2019 14:28

Seriously, man... Chill... You hate so much that even haters bow down to your almighty hate boner you have for literally everything and everyone on the planet. You're going to give yourself a stroke.


02/25/2019 09:21

yep, i understand, sadly it can not be featured due to site rules


02/25/2019 06:09

please avoid watermarks of other sites in your compilations


02/19/2019 07:35

You're welcome, I feel flattered!

I'm a convinced atheïst myself so it's nice to meet another 'member of the club'! With emphasizing on convinced because I had too much to endure to have left with any reasons to believe in (a) God! I've got thousands of proofs he doesn't exist and not one shred of evidence that he does! But I challenge anyone to convince me otherwise and believe me, although to no avail that was, they've tried! Having said, I respect anyone with religious beliefs as long as they respect me for not having them! And this is where things simply go wrong cause often they don't and I'm left standing there defending myself against false assumptions, accusations and outright fairy tails! And it always ends with me asking the question: "Why the hell didn't your God kill baby Hitler?!"
Yes, like you I must admit not having chosen the easiest way in life! If it was a choice in the first place that is. I often feel like a teacher in a class filled with morons!


12/11/2018 07:41

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    Delicious taste !!!
    05/27/2019 02:37
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    Hey the hunny. How your bunny ? Still raising hares ??? lol.
    05/27/2019 02:33
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    Taken out by a DELIVEROO rider !!!! He get a little behind in his order ????
    05/27/2019 02:32
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    Now what ??? Ya big cry baby...
    05/27/2019 02:30
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    That was intentional ??? HEY, NO FAIR !!!!
    05/27/2019 02:27
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