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Bus Reversing Down The Highway Rear Ended Ejects Passengers Through The Windows

Video added on: 08/05/2013 14:34:00 by Stiff
On the morning of [August] 2, at 9:55am, on the Lishui section of the Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Highway near the Fulin interchange heading towards Jinhua, a tour coach from Zhejiang province Wenzhou city reversed in the middle of the road, causing a rear-end collision with a semi-trailer where it rolled over on its side.

According to preliminary information, the semi-trailer truck had one death and one injured, while multiple people on the tour coach were injured and have already been taken to the hospital. The scene was exceptionally horrific.

Both the semi-trailer and the coach bus overturned on their sides in the middle of the highway, among which, the semi-trailer driver died at the scene and over 10 passengers on the tour coach were tossed out, splayed across the road."
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