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Old time crime scene, death and offender photo's

Images added on: 07/20/2013 23:00:00 by Armageddon
So you may have guessed by now a couple of things, a) I used to work for the coroner and b) I like old shit!
So I thought I would dump out some photographs of old crime scenes, some of the old time offenders who make todays rat pack look like fucking Teletubbies in badness, and some photographs of murder victims, mostly famous for easy reference. I hope you enjoy: the rundown before Justinaust goes medieval on it is as follows.
#1 - Poor old Johnny from Camelot, the American dream died when this young President was murdered, why? Because he had figured out and was dismantling the Jewish run Central Bank scam and was re-shaping America into a fair and equal place. Not at all what the 1% wanted so he was dispatched supposedly by one shooter and hit with 1 bullet from the back. Look for yourself, that 'aint a back to front shot and exit.

#2 - Charlie Manson was rightly proud of his little crew of barbarians, and so he should be, look at that handi-work, shit, even Vlad the Impaler would be impressed.

#3 - Now back in the day before Colonel Sanders used chicken to be coated with his secret recipe blend of 7 herbs and spices he used Pickaninnies, good old fashioned home cooked lynched black fella chitlins mmmm just like the Colonel meant it to be, Oh Yeah!

#4 - In 1982 (still in the old times), some Irish twats decided they wanted to kill some Pomgolian soldiers so they brewed up a bomb and let her rip on Horse Guards Parade as the troops were doing some shit on horses, the result, dead squaddies and sadly, dead Nellies all over the shop.

#5 - This proud daddy with his wife and children is Richard Kuklinski, one of my personal hall of gore favourites, he cut a swathe through Mafia ranks at the behest of his masters. The man was nicknamed the iceman for very good reason, his heart rate would not change during a shooting, a stabbing, a bashing or even a skinning alive, he just machined on and got shit done.

#6 - Kuklinski after his arrest, the mean streets are poorer for his loss to the natural selection processes at work. He was a fair and even handed killer who loathed pedo's and women beaters and killed a few for shits and giggles because they pissed him off, they were free, like a burger meal when you upsize and more for the same price.

#7 - In 1918 a intrepid NYC Cop, back when they were cops not revenue raisers. Took this photo of Gaspare Candella who was murdered and stuffed into the drum in Brooklyn to be found and sniggered over for weeks afterwards.

#8 - Who else but another hall of fame entry than Lucky Luciano, another favourite of mine, a veritable machine who was the original Goodfella, vale old mate RIP.

#9 - A run of the mill job as an elevator operator would seem to be pretty safe and tame, not exciting and dangerous, or even deadly. You would think anyway, not these 2 muppets, they were allegedly doing a runner after robbing the joint they were working, and fucked up big time and, whoopsies, stepped into the elevator car they thought was there without looking that it was in fact above them and they plunged to a tasty death at the bottom of the shaft, nice bit of Karma.

#10 - shame this one isn't in colour! The Black Dahlia case, imagine those pink bits in glorious 1080p HD?

#11 - not so lucky last was Colonel Hogan actor Bob Crane, who liked a bit of rough trade, but his amour took rough just a wee bit too far by beating the pillow biters fucking head in, just look at that mess, that mattress is ruined, as Vegas would say FFS.

Enjoy my pretties, as you know death reaches out and captures us all in the end, and he rides a pale horse and his name is Armageddon.
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