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Los Zetas Behead Woman For Cheating Eyes Move With The Head Severed

Video added on: 04/26/2013 07:44:00 by Stiff
"Gentleman this is for (unclear) on behalf of the Zetas..."

"This is going to happen to all you CDG faggots"

Once they start cutting you can see that a bit of blood drips on her right thigh. You can also clearly see that she starts pissing herself at that point, soaking her left leg all the way to her knee. This is actually commented on by the cameraman who says "ya se mio", which basically means "She's already pissing herself!"

When her head is held up, he also says "todavia esta mirando", which means 'she's still looking', referring to her eyes continuing to move a bit after full decapitation.

At beheadings during the french revolution the crowd used to taunt the beheaded victim after decapitation and the severed head would open and close it's eyes, mouth and seemingly react to the crowds taunts. Electrical signals continue to pass through the brain for an unconfirmed amount of time, some say around 30 seconds and others even a few minutes. It's logical to assume that senses such as hearing and sight would continue to function in some capacity after decapitation.
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